An Ennio Morricone Anthology

Drg Records (021471290820)
Film | Date de sortie: 01/09/1995 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.The Lady Caliph2:36
2.Women and the River1:06
3.Sans Mobile Apparent4:20
4.Night Search2:10
5.A Friend2:36
6.The Ballad of Hank McCain2:08
8.Gott mit Uns4:24
9.What am I Doing ?4:54
10.Come Maddalena4:17
11.Moscow Farewell4:46
12.Amusing Diversion2:58
13.I Bambini ci Chiedono Perché2:30
14.A Neighborhood Song3:35
15.Le Vent, Le Cri5:10
16.My Name is Nobody3:10
17.Marche en La3:00
18.Le Trio Infernal4:10
20.Belinda May2:52
21.Lullaby in Blue2:37
# Track   Duration
3.Viva la Revolucion4:18
4.Chi Mai5:05
5.A Far Away Italy3:07
6.Dimenticare Palermo4:18
7.Three Columns in Front Page3:15
8.The Lamb is Going to Die?3:09
9.Song of Nostalgie3:10
10.This Kind of Love3:09
11.To the People of Parma2:40
12.A Little Bitter Irony2:30
13.Place of Spain2:47
14.Reason, Hart, Love3:26
16.The Cousin4:09
17.The Hellbenders2:31
18.To Serenity1:51
19.La Venexiana2:15
21.Theme for a Woman Alone2:35
22.Châteaux en Ecosse3:16
23.The Outsider3:54
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