Last Judgement

RBCP 24/07/2019 CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Brothers In Arms 
2.Whatever It Takes 
3.Winds of Change 
5.Code of Honor 
6.Proving Ground 
7.It’s Go Time 
8.Make it Switf 
9.Charlie Foxtrot 
10.No Free Will 
11.A Violent History 
12.Sleeper Cell 
13.United We Stand 
14.Thicker Than Stand 
15.Lost in Faith 
16.Every Single Breath 
17.Our Only Hope 
18.Crica 2045 
19.A Touch of Genius 
20.That Which Binds Us 
21.Flying With Icarus 
22.Cast of Millions 
23.Last Judgement 
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