Duke! - The Films of John Wayne

Jasmine Records 14/06/2019 CD (0604988266122)


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# Track   Duration
1.Stagecoach (Main Theme) 
2.New Frontier (Main Title) 
3.Allegheny Uprising (Theme) 
4.The Long Voyage Home (Opening Credits) 
5.In Old California (Theme) 
6.A Lady Takes A Chance (Theme) 
7.Tall In The Saddle (Opening Credits) 
8.Flame Of Barbary Coast (Main Title/End Title) 
9.Dakota (Main Title) 
10.Angel And The Badman (Theme) 
11.Red River (Theme) 
12.Fort Apache (Main Theme) 
13.Three Godfathers (Main Theme) 
14.The Fighting Kentuckian (Opening Theme) 
15.She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (Main Theme) 
16.Sands Of Iwo Jima (Opening Theme) 
17.Rio Grande (Main Theme) 
18.Operation Pacific (We Watch The Skyways) 
19.The Quiet Man (Main Title Theme) 
20.Hondo (Theme) 
21.The High And The Mighty (Theme) 
22.Blood Alley (Theme) 
23.The Searchers (Theme) 
24.The Wings Of Eagles (Theme) 
25.Legend Of The Lost (Main Title Theme) 
26.The Barbarian And The Geisha (Main Title) 
27.Rio Bravo (Deguello) 
28.The Horse Soldiers (When Johnny Comes Marching Home) 
29.The Alamo (Main Title Theme) 
30.North To Alaska (Main Title Theme; By Johnny Horton) 
31.The Comancheros (Main Theme) 
32.The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Main Title Theme) 
33.Hatari! (Main Theme) 
34.The Longest Day (Main Theme) 
35.How The West Was Won (Main Title Theme) 
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