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The Ray Charles Singers

Command Records 1972 Vinyle


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Side One
1.Music To Watch Girls ByS. Ramin2:33
2.Theme From The Sand Pebbles (And We Were Lovers) L. Bricusse J. Goldsmith2:52
3.Little By Little And Bit By BitM. Grudeff, R. Jessel1:56
4.Sunrise, Sunset (From Fiddler On The Roof)J. Bock, S. Harnick3:51
5.Bless Your HeartD. Enston, H. Stride2:54
6.A Big Beautiful Ball (From Not With My Wife, You Don't)J. Williams, J. Mercer2:11
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Side Two
1.Step By StepR. Stolz2:22
2.California Dreamin'J. Phillips2:40
3.Cabaret (From Cabaret)J. Kander2:29
4.Walking Happy (From Walking Happy)S. Cahn-J. Van Heusen2:28
5.Alfie (From Alfie)B. Bacharach, H. David3:22
6.Birds Of A Feather (Yeh-Yeh-Yeh)J. R. Kelly2:21
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