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Arrow: Season 6

WaterTower Music 15/03/2019 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Trying To Carry On2:08
3.I Killed My Daugther2:33
4.Siren Storms The Lair1:54
5.I Know You're The Green Arrow3:58
6.You Could Be Greater3:17
7.Team Meets Cayden / Inside The Internet3:05
8.Dinah Identifies Vincent1:55
9.Deathstroke Extracts Revenge3:37
10.Like Father, Like Son4:00
11.Been Mad At You Before / Oliver Is Back4:07
12.I Need Someone2:20
13.Team Divided3:05
14.What Your Dad Is3:52
15.Right Before Her Eyes4:01
16.The Devil's Greatest Trick1:54
17.Who Do I Bring The Pain To?2:28
18.Take Good Care Of Her3:23
19.Brothers In Arms3:22
20.Why Do They All Leave?2:23
21.The Dragon3:33
22.Never A Normal Life3:15
23.Love Is A King Killer2:59
24.Final Showdown With Diaz3:30
25.At What Cost4:04
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