The Peacemakers

Stuart Bramwell 22/03/2019 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2019


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# Track   Duration
2.First Contact (with Vladislav Kritevich)2:46
3.Hatching a Plan1:31
4.Break In0:52
5.Schooling Private2:04
6.The Peacemakers1:04
7.An Unlucky Encounter4:01
8.Crucial Respite3:49
9.Tools for the Job1:52
10.A Fruitful Transaction0:54
11.Toying With Time2:53
12.A Solemn Indulgence2:49
13.Action Plan0:53
14.Private's Errand1:20
15.The Waiting Game2:22
16.The Cost of Failure4:13
17.Backseat Outsiders4:21
18.A New Perspective4:02
19.My Life, My Purpose3:27
20.Passing the Torch3:43
21.A New Cause3:11
22.Out of the Green0:46
23.Accepting Fate2:22
24.End Game4:02
25.Father and Son3:41
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