#SciFi 2013 - 50 Great Themes from Science Fiction Movies and TV

Brave New Worlds 28/07/2013 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Elysium (From "Elysium Trailer 2013") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos2:34
2.Oblivion (From "Oblivion") (Chillout Mix)The Evolved3:44
3.Theme from World War Z (From "World War Z") (Instrumental)The Evolved4:56
4.Star Trek Main Theme (From: "Star Trek 2009") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilot2:14
5.Passages (From "Pacific Rim Trailer 2013") (Instrumental)The Evolved3:29
6.Ideal of Hope (From "Man of Steel Trailer 2013") (Instrumental)The Evolved3:19
7.Can You Dig It (From "Iron Man 3") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation2:45
8.The Doctor's Theme (From "Doctor Who Series 1") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation1:32
9.Rue's Lullaby: Deep in the Meadow (From "The Hunger Games") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos1:47
10.Prelude, Op.28, No4 in Eminor (From "Prometheus") (Instrumental)The Grey Orchestra1:52
11.Radioactive (From "The Host 2013") (Chillout Mix)Thamatic Pianos3:41
12.Becoming One of the People (From "Avatar") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots4:09
13.Cloud Atlas Opening Title Theme (From "Cloud Atlas") (Orchestral Mix)Thematic Pianos2:57
14.Ballade G Minor Op. 23 (From "The Bourne Supremacy") (Instrumental)The Grey Orchestra1:52
15.Down to Earth (From "Wall-E") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique5:43
16.Terminator Salvation Main Theme (From "Terminator Salvation") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos3:28
17.Once There Was a Hushpuppy (From "Beasts of the Southern Wild") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique6:43
18.Matrix Theme (From "The Matrix") (Electro Mix)Nostromo Pilots2:01
19.I Want That Arm (From "District 9") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation3:06
20.Dream is Collapsing (From "Inception") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra2:31
21.Men in Black Theme (From "Men in Black") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique2:44
22.Sacred Dance of the Priestesses (From "Battle Royale") (Instrumental)Redroom2:35
23.Tristan and Isolde (From "Melancholia") (Instrumental)The Grey Orchestra3:50
24.Wreck It Ralph (From "Wreck It Ralph") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique1:30
25.Prime (From "Transformers") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra2:13
26.Panoramic (From "The Book of Eli") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots7:11
27.Firefly Theme (From "Firefly") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation0:53
28.Babylon 5 Theme (From "Babylon 5") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra1:29
29.Deep Space 9 Main Title (From "Star Trek Deep Space 9") (Instrumental)Anime Kei1:47
30.Star Trek: Voyager Theme (From "Star Trek: Voyager") (Instrumental)Anime Kei2:18
31.Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme (From "Star Trek: the Next Generation") (Instrumental)SFO1:36
32.Battle in the Mutara Nebula (From "Star Trek Ii: the Wrath of Khan") (Instrumental)SFO3:40
33.Love Theme (From "Terminator 2 Judgement Day") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra1:20
34.Hide & Seek (From "A.I Artificial Intelligence") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots3:05
35.Darth Vader Theme (From "The Empire Strikes Back") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra4:17
36.I See You (From "Avatar") (Instrumental)Nostromo Pilots4:27
37.First Contact Main Title (From "Star Trek: First Contact") (Instrumental)SFO2:39
38.Kaneda's Theme (From "Akira") (Instrumental)The Stereoscopic Orchestra3:33
39.The Blue Danube Waltz (From "2001") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique2:15
40.Pathetique Sonata: Adagio (From "Alien") (Instrumental)The Grey Orchestra4:30
41.Time (From "Inception") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique3:29
42.Elegy (From "Man of Steel Original Trailer ") (Instrumental)Anime Kei6:40
43.The Inner Light Captain Picard's Theme (From "Star Trek: the Next Generation") (Instrumental)Anime Kei5:15
44.I Am the Doctor in Utah (From "Doctor Who Series 7") (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique1:42
45.Rose's Theme (From Doctor Who Series 2) (Instrumental)The Evolved2:21
46.Person of Interest Theme (From "Person of Interest") (Instrumental Machine Mix)Thematic Pianos0:52
47.Cloud Atlas March (From "Cloud Atlas") (Instrumental)Thematic Pianos1:50
48.Amy's Theme (From Doctor Who Series 5) (Instrumental)L'Orchestra Numerique2:07
49.Stargate SG1 Theme (From "Stargate Sg1") (Instrumental)Harajuku Nation1:06
50.Doctor Who Theme (From Doctor Who Series 7) (Instrumental)The Evolved0:41
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