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Devil May Cry 5

Sony Japan 29/03/2019 CD (4976219000840)


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# Track   Duration
1.Devil May Cry 5 Titlescreen 
2.The Qliphoth (Prologue) 
4.Demon's Throne 
5.Unbearable Pressure 
6.Unbearable Pressure (Rush Percussion ver.) 
7.A Sword Shatters To Pieces 
8.It Absorbs the People's Blood 
9.Reflection (Mission Clear) 
10.The Heaven of My Hell (Opening) 
11.Devil Trigger (Opening Remix) 
12.Devil Shocker 
13.Enter the Devil Shocker (Mission 01 Start) 
14.Devil Trigger (Devil Shocker Remix) 
15.Devil Trigger (Instrumental Edit) 
16.A Man's Face Peeks Through The Robes 
17.GARAGE (Main Menu) 
18.Ugh, Come On... (Nero Mission Start) 
19.Devil Trigger (Game Edit) 
20.rain "Я"ain 
22.Heading for C@tastrophe 
23.Any Special Orders? (Nico's Shop) 
25.Blazing Muscle 
26.End of the World (Gameover) 
27.Mysterious Stranger 
28.Flying Outdoors 
29.Nice Scissors! 
30.Floating Indoors 
31.A Date With Corruption 
32.Lunatic Ray 
# Track   Duration
1.Enjoy the Taste of Despair! (V Mission Start) 
2.Wave Street 
3.Crimson Cloud (Game Edit) 
4.Five-Four Time (Secret Mission) 
5.Splitting Fool (Introduction) 
6.Splitting Fool 
7.Lucky Fall 
8.It's Kind of Chilly 
9.Abyssal Time 
10.The End of Stillness 
11.I'd Also Like to Jump 
12.My Dear Friend 
13.It's Time to Get to Work 
14.Hand Picked Noise (Character Select) 
15.Dark Ruin 
16.Feel the Shock 
17.Mysterious Stranger Returns 
18.The Blood Soaked Ground 
19.Divinity Statue 
20.More Fear 
21.Unvoidable Despair 
22.Perfect Timing 
23.This, I Like (Devil May Cry Office) 
24.Dead Tired 
25.Anarchy In The U.W. (DMC5 Remix Intro) 
26.Anarchy In The U.W. (DMC5 Remix) 
27.Beyond Defeat 
# Track   Duration
1.How Do You Like This! (Dante Mission Start) 
2.The World is Screaming Ver. 1 
3.Subhuman (Game Edit) 
4.The World is Screaming Ver. 2 
5.Pitch Dark 
7.Voltaic Black Knight (Introduction) 
8.Voltaic Black Knight 
9.It Becomes Cavaliere 
10.V's Beginning 
12.Breakneck Predator 
13.Legacy (Instrumental Ver.) 
14.Birth Place 
15.The Demon's Face 
16.Unwavering Bravery 
18.Dr. Faust 
19.Piece of Cake 
20.Same Old, Same Old 
22.3 Goddamn Hags 
23.Faded Tone "G" 
24.Faded Tone "A" 
25.Faded Tone "C" 
26.Critical Moment 
27.Hellish Gimmick 
28.Diabolical Incantation 
29.Diabolical Incantation (Chaotic Ver.) 
# Track   Duration
1.Falling Into the Crevice 
2.Gatekeeper Unleashed 
3.Roar, Roar, Roar!! 
4.Breaking the Icy Ground 
5.True Wishes 
6.Liar Landscape 
7.Undeniable Fate 
8.Undeniable Fate (Rush Percussion Ver.) 
10.Sword Fight 
11.Under the Atmosphere 
13.Entering the Gelidium Jelly 
14.Grilled Tandoori Smoke 
15.Silent Siren 
16.Psycho Machine 
18.Complex Emotions 
19.The Duel (Introduction) 
20.The Duel 
21.Massive Power 
22.Your Legacy 
24.Improvisation for Violin on a Main Theme "Legacy" 
25.Silver Bullet 
26.Inherited Intentions 
27.I'm Not Crying! 
28.Legacy (DMC5 Main Theme) 
29.Legacy (Piano Improvisation Ver.) 
30.Here Goes!! 
# Track   Duration
1.Devil Trigger 
2.Crimson Cloud 
4.The Crunching Rhythm of Chiba "Rakkasei" 
5.Any Special Orders? (Tropical Devil Night Remix) 
6.Devil Trigger (Tropical Devil Night Remix) 
7.Nero's Dance Music 
8.Nero's Guitar Music 
9.V's Dance Music 
10.Dante's Dance Music 
11.Gate to Hell 
12.Special Music Outro (Nero) 
13.Special Music Outro (V) 
14.Special Music Outro (Dante) 
15.History of DMC 
16.E3 2018 Annoucement Trailer 
17.Main Trailer 
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