Best of the West

Edel Records (4009880265727)
Film | Date: 1993 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.The magnificient seven (Suite) Elmer Bernstein5:35
2.Dances with wolves (The John Dunbar Theme) John Barry2:19
3.Bonanza Jay Livingston & Ray Evans1:45
4.Unforgiven (Claudia's Theme - End Titles, 2nd Version) Clint Eastwood/Lennie Niehaus5:55
5.The good, The bad and the ugly Ennio Morricone2:37
6.Old gringo (Finale) Lee Holdridge7:02
7.High noon (Main Theme) Dimitri Tiomkin2:35
8.Once upon a time in the west (Suite) Ennio Morricone8:05
9.Rawhide Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington1:35
10.The big country (Main Title) Jerome Moross3:25
11.Return of a man called horse (Main Title) Laurence Rosenthal5:32
12.The ballad of Cable Hogue (Instrumental) Jerry Goldsmith2:56
13.Silverado (Themes) Bruce Broughton4:49
14.Winnetou (Medley) (a) Winnetou-Melodie (b) Olprinz-Melodie (c) Old Surehand-Melodie (d) Schut-Melodie (e) Old Shatterhand-Melodie9:05
15.Young Indiana Jones chronicles: Mexico 1916 (Pancho Villa's Camp) Laurence Rosenthal3:23
16.The blue and the grey (Newly Weds) Bruce Broughton3:24
17.High Chapperal David Rose1:25
18.The wild bunch (La Golondrina - End Credits) Jerry Fielding2:39
19.Young guns 2 (The Big Battle) Alan Silvestri3:18
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Duck you sucker (Main Theme) Ennio Morricone3:55
2.The big valley George Duning2:42
3.The sons of Katie Elder (Main Title) Elmer Bernstein2:07
4.Rio Bravo (De Guella) Dimitri Tiomkin3:24
5.The train robbers (Suite) Dominic Frontiere6:03
6.Chisum (Suite) Dominic Frontiere10:33
7.Rio Lobo (Main Title) Jerry Goldsmith5:12
8.Rooster Cogburn (Main Title) Laurence Rosenthal2:34
9.The Alamo (Overture) Dimitri Tiomkin3:45
10.The good, The bad and the ugly (The Ecstasy Of Gold) Ennio Morricone3:43
11.Lonesome Dove (Main Theme) Basil Poledouris3:02
12.The blue and the grey (Main Title) Bruce Broughton1:42
13.The blue and the grey (John Leaves Home) Bruce Broughton3:00
14.Gunfight at the OK corral (Main Theme) Dimitri Tiomkin3:01
15.O Pioneers! (The Land) Bruce Broughton3:01
16.Gore Vidal's Billy the kid (Main Title) Laurence Rosenthal2:52
17.Little house on the prairie David Rose1:50
18.A gunfight (Father And Son) Laurence Rosenthal2:39
19.The outlaw Josie Wales (The War Is Over) Jerry Fielding2:00
20.The blue and the grey (Retreat From Bull Run) Bruce Broughton4:14
21.Unforgiven (Claudia's Theme - End Titles) Clint Eastwood/Lennie Niehaus5:45
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