Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Music Agency 09/01/2019 Téléchargement
Game soundtrack Sortie du film: 2017


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# Track   Duration
1.Hope Is Victory (Main Theme)3:12
2.For the Republic (Companion Main Theme)2:48
3.Welcome to Burma1:30
4.Brave Volunteer2:00
5.First Combat1:40
6.Bandit on Your Six1:49
7.Fire in the Sky1:36
8.With the Sun Behind Us1:55
9.Tigers in the Gorge1:33
10.Enemy Spotted1:36
11.Aces High1:13
12.Supremacy (Multiplayer Lobby)1:23
13.Chennault's Shark (Mission Accomplished)1:19
14.Red Sun Rising (Mission Failed)0:52
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