We the Animals

Temporary Residence 08/02/2019 Vinyle
Film Sortie du film: 2018


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# Track   Duration
1.I'll Fly Away 
2.We Wanted More 
3.We Wanted Less 
4.Just This 
5.Look at Me 
6.You Went So Far 
7.Under the Bed 
8.Paps Leaves 
9.The Kitchen 
10.Like a Bomb 
12.Dream of Paps 
14.Tonight We'll Go for a Ride 
15.You Were Supposed to Find Us 
16.Bad Bad Bad 
17.Wet Dream 
18.No More Crying 
19.Paps Dug a Grave 
20.It Was My Grave 
21.Bad Nightmare 
23.Can I Come? 
24.Fly Away 
25.I'm Nobody's Baby 
26.We the Animals 
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We the Animals (2018)

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