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Gradius III

Ship to Shore 21/12/2018 Vinyle (0615855247342)


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# Track   Duration
Super NES
2.Smash Up! 
4.Departure for Space 
5.Sand Storm 
6.Snipe Shoot 
7.Aqua Illusion 
8.Lucky Zone 
9.In the Wind 
11.Easter Stone 
12.Fire Scramble 
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Super NES
1.Cosmo Plant 
2.Accident Road 
3.Boss on Parade 1Zub 
4.Boss on Parade 2Death 
5.Boss on Parade 3Crystal Core 
6.Boss on Parade 4Mk-II 
7.Boss on Parade 5Covered Core 
8.Boss on Parade 6Derringer Core 
9.Mechanical Base 
10.Final Shot 
11.Unpleasant Cell 
12.Last Struggle 
13.Good Luck! 
14.Game Over 
16.King of Kings 
# Track   Duration
1.Prelude of Legend 
3.Departure for Space 
4.Sand Storm 
5.Aqua Illusion 
6.In the Wind 
7.A Long Time Ago 
9.Dark Force 
11.High Speed Dimension 
12.Try to Star 
13.Easter Stone 
14.Dead End Cell 
# Track   Duration
1.Fire Scramble 
2.Cosmo Plant 
3.Crystal Labyrinth 
4.Aircraft Carrier 
5.Poison of Snake 
6.Take Care! 
7.Mechanical Base 
8.Final Shot 
9.Challenger 1985 
10.Aircraft Carrier 
11.Power of Anger 
12.Poison of Snake 
13.Escape to Freedom 
14.Return to the Star 
15.Game Over 
16.King of Kings 
17.No Use 1 
18.No Use 2 
19.No Use 3 
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