The Work And The Glory

Lumen Records 31/05/2006 CD (725906250822)
Film Sortie du film: 2004


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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles 
3.Clearing the Land 
4.Palmyra Township 
5.Love At First Sight 
6.Pulling Sticks 
7.The First Vision 
8.Senaca Square Dance/Ebenezer 
9.Easter Morning 
10.Two Brothers 
11.Charles O'conner 
12.Palmyra Township #2 
13.Nathan and Lydia Love Theme 
14.Joseph Tells His Story 
15.Telling Secrets 
16.Lydia Asks Forgiveness 
17.Hiding the Plates 
18.Let's Get Ol' Joe 
19.Cold Frosty Morning 
20.Real Love 
21.Nathan's Obsession 
22.A Good Man 
23.To Be A Steed 
24.I'll Not Tell You What To Do 
25.To Join The Saints 
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