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James A. Michener's Texas

Prometheus Records (0687563004173)
Film | Date de sortie: 01/03/1995 | Type: CD
Edition limitée


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Main Title 'Texas'1:41
2.Benito and Austin1:25
3.Indian Attack / Knife Fight / Land and Freedom4:36
4.Matty Speaks Out / Matty's First Kiss3:08
5.'We're All Texans!'1:17
6.Otto Loves Horses1:40
7.Old Time Piano2:30
8.Benito's Love for Matty1:53
9.We're Going to Fight!1:51
10.Santa Ana Intentions3:07
11.Otto is Too Late1:33
12.Houston Leads His Men1:42
13.Otto's Mother1:41
14.Houston Takes Santa Ana5:19
15.Matty is Shot2:56
17.Matty Leaves Benito1:03
18.On the March1:23
19.Clancy Presses Benito / The Alamo Falls3:12
21.Otto's Home / Austin Dies2:09
22.Otto Rides for His Life1:36
23.Benito's Ambush / Benito's Death4:05
24.FinaleA New Flag! / End Credits2:39
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