Friday the 13th: The Game
Official Game Soundtrack

La-La Land Records 15/10/2018 Téléchargement
Game soundtrack Sortie du film: 2017


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Welcome to Your Nightmare0:29
2.Camp Blood3:48
3.You Can Run, but You Can't Hide5:43
4.Lessons in Fear2:17
5.Massacre on the Lake6:02
6.Consumed by the Woods5:30
7.Terror Comes in Many Forms9:08
8.The Kill Zone4:53
9.Begging for Your Life5:19
10.Make a Run for It6:01
11.No One Makes It out Alive8:28
12.A Cabin in the Woods7:18
13.I Think I'm Alone Now (Single Player)3:30
14.No One Can Help Me (Single Player)3:49
15.Slow and Painful (Single Player)4:53
16.A New Beginning (Single Player)4:46
17.Alone and Dying (Single Player)5:10
18.Sheer Terror6:42
19.The Final Gasp (Single Player)4:04
20.Lakeside Rampage2:44
21.Friday the 13th: The Game Release Trailer Harry Manfredini2:16
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