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The Vikings - Complete

Prometheus Records 08/11/2018 CD
Film Sortie du film: 1958


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Prologue From The Vikings / Violences and Rapes of the Vikings3:20
2.20 Years On / Escape From the Dungeon1:09
3.Regnar Returns / Viking Horn Calls / Into Port4:51
4.Drunken Vikings Song1:46
5.Eric Is Rescued by Odin's Daughters / “You Can Keep Him” / “A Woman Will Point the Way”4:33
6.“It's the Vikings!” / Pretty Bird3:07
7.Return From Wales / Dancing on the Oars3:00
8.Eric and Morgana Escape2:54
9.Run Aground / “Our Souls Must Be Touching” (Love Theme From The Vikings)6:01
10.After the Pit / Aella Cuts Off Eric's Hand2:28
11.“Who Sails With Me?” / Setting Sail / The Fog (film version)5:15
12.Voyage and Landing in Britain (album version)7:26
13.Vikings On Foot / Castle Attack / Einar Storms the Gate5:17
14.Into the Castle / The Death of Aella / The Tower4:23
15.Inside the Tower / “Where Are You Taking Me?” / DuelEric Kills Einar5:18
16.The Viking Funeral / End Titles From The Vikings3:48
17.BONUS TRACKS: Main Theme From Barabbas5:11
18.Eric Is Rescued by Odin's Daughters (alternative version without percussion)2:21
19.Theme From The Vikings1:32
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