Oddworld: Strangers Wrath - Volume 1

Black Screen Records 16/11/2018 Vinyle


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# Track   Duration
1.Fighting Outlaws 
2.The Mystery And The Chase 
3.The Looten Duke 
4.Remote Town 
5.Another Day Another Fight 
6.Filthy Hands Floyd 
# Track   Duration
1.It Begins 
2.Windy Town 
4.When I Overcome 
5.The Dark Sewers 
6.The Phone Conversation 
# Track   Duration
1.The Temple 
2.Burning Town 
3.When I Overcome (Reprise) 
4.The Depantsing 
5.A Meeting 
6.Fight For The Native Village 
# Track   Duration
1.Shadow Across A Land 
2.Last Legs 
3.The Cave 
4.Closing The Dam 
5.Soul of Darkness 
7.The Truth In Everything 
# Track   Duration
1.7“ Stranger Lives (previously unreleased track from Vol. 2) 
# Track   Duration
1.7“ Wrath Unfolding (previously unreleased track from Vol. 2) 
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