Lake Clarity

Cult Kids 16/11/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Until Next Time...2:38
2.Lake Clarity4:32
3.Denver Public Radio3:12
6.Local Life3:04
8.Baker Reservoir0:52
9.Owl Creek Inn1:30
10.Abandoned Semitruck Full of Rotten Meat2:48
11.From Denver Public Radio...1:14
12.Shore Side Ghost Sightings2:42
13.Misty Morning in a Mountain Town1:30
14.The Locals1:56
15.Ghost Hunting Supplies1:00
16.Take Me to Lake Clarity1:44
17.Mountain Drives1:48
18.A Nighttime Hike1:10
19.No Answers, Only Questions2:14
20.An Empty Cabin by the Lake1:34
22.Brandon Washington1:42
23.Nobody's Home, Go Away1:54
24.Ally Sutton2:56
25.Happy Hospital Walls0:42
26.Nothing but the Truth1:34
27.Seth Omundson3:30
28.Tanner Daggit1:50
30.Only Need One Pen3:18
31.Missing Persons1:44
32.I Just Need to Be Alone Now2:18
34.Masonic Ciphers1:32
35.Tonight, City Hall, Come Alone2:02
36.Assumed Dead3:38
37.Back to the Bunker0:50
38.Secret for a Secret3:44
39.New Scratches, Old Concrete2:20
40.Joseph Obadiah3:16
41.Is Someone There?1:26
42.Different Point of View1:44
43.The Mimic1:56
44.Just Sign Here6:02
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