Chain Chronicle
5Th Anniversary

Wave Master 24/10/2018 CD (4571164384153)


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# Track   Duration
1.Beginning Of The Chain 
3.Take A Breath 
4.March Of The Braves 
5.Happy Song 
7.Battle For Justice 
8.Beat The Master 
10.LEVEL UP!! 
11.Chronicle Of Fate 
12.King Of The Darkness 
13.RANK UP!! 
14.March Of The Braves II 
15.Funny Story 
16.Serious Story 
17.Battle For Justice II 
18.Beat The Master II 
19.Battle For Justice II (CHAIN Band Version) 
20.Beat The Master II (CHAIN Band Version) 
21.Facing The Crisis 
22.The Darkness Origin 
23.Beginning Of The Next Chain 
# Track   Duration
1.Beginning Of The Chain III 
3.Take A Breath III 
4.March Of The Braves III 
5.Story Opening : Common 
6.Happy Song III 
7.Emergency!! III 
8.Battle For Justice III 
9.Beat The Master III 
11.Serious Story III 
12.Story Opening : Helios 
13.White Wish 
14.The Holy Lights 
15.Story Opening : Alice 
16.Never Surrender 
17.Marks Of Destiny 
18.Story Opening : Eshal 
19.Dancer In The Sandy Wind 
20.Desert Rose 
21.Story Opening : Celeste 
22.Fairyland Lullaby 
23.Flood Of Emotion 
24.Story Opening : Amatsu 
25.Burning Fire Of Revenge 
26.Furious Inferno 
27.Chronicle Of Fate III 
28.Return Of The Hero 
29.March Of The Braves II Returns 
30.Battle For Justice II Returns 
31.Beat The Master II Returns 
33.Raise Your Swords 
34.Battle For Justice IV 
35.Beat The Master IV 
37.Battle For Glory 
# Track   Duration
1.Beginning Of The New Year's Chain 
2.The Duel Tempest 
3.Attack Of The Demon 
4.Attack Of The Demon II 
5.Demon's Explosion 
6.The Mission 
7.Battle For New Frontier 
8.Vanquish The Diablo 
9.Roulette Time!! 
10.Dolls' Standby 
11.Doll Race 
12.The Casino Battle 
13.Vortex Of The Abyss 
14.Battle In Another Dimension 
15.Advent Of Lucifer 
16.Ready For The Hunting 
17.Hunting The Legion 
18.Let's Shopping!! 
19.Union Flag Of Justice 
20.All Stars Battle 
21.Enter The Arena 
22.The Arena Battle 
23.Tower Of Chronicle 
24.The Book Of Warfare 
25.Twilight Rising 
26.Stairway To Another Chronicle 
27.Battle In The Twilight 
28.Merry Chain Xmas 
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