The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Banda Sonora 26/10/2018 CD (5056083202713)
Film Sortie du film: 1960


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title/Hannibal, Missouri 
2.Huck and Jim/Huckleberry Finn 
3.Pap/Pap's Cabin/Pap and Huck/Huck's Murder 
4.Huck Gets Away 
5.Starting Down the River 
6.After the Feud/Jim's Sins/On to Pikesville/The Placard 
7.In Pikesville 
8.The Blessing/Huck Hunts the Gold/Huck Gets the Gold/Huck Hides the Gold 
9.The English Uncles/On the Raft 
10.Huckleberry Finn/A Houseboat in the Fog 
11.The Riverboat/I Ain't Felt So Good Before/I'll Wait for You By the River/In the Pilothouse/The River 
12.Back to the River/Carmody's River 
13.Jim Is Caught/The Sheriff/Jim in Chains 
14.The Sheriff's Wife/Huck Frees Jim 
15.The Chase 
16.The New Raft 
17.Hannibal, Missouri/End Title 
18.Main Title/Hannibal, Missouri (Film Version) 
19.Huckleberry Finn (Demo Vocal: Archie Moore) 
20.Pittsburgh Blue (Vocal: Dolores Hawkins) 
21.Huckleberry Finn (Demo Vocal: George Bledsoe) 
22.Huckleberry Finn (Demo Vocal: John Hawker) 
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