Le Stagioni del nostro amore / Padre di famiglia

Saimel Ediciones 30/08/2018 CD - 300 copies


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# Track   Duration
Le stagioni del nostro amore
1.The Separation2:57
2.City by Night-On the Road1:56
3.Vittorio and His Wife-Broken Marriage2:52
4.Vittorio`s Loneliness1:35
5.Return to Mantua-Memories of Elena2:09
6.In Love with Elena2:12
7.Encounter with the Night Guard2:04
8.War Remembrances1:40
9.Vittorio and Francesca in the Car3:46
10.The Season of Our Love Has Passed1:30
11.Elena´s Disappointment and Final Decision3:40
12.The Cemetery-Childhood Memories2:27
13.Sirtaki Dance1:19
14.Desolation and Finale3:00
Alternate/Unused Tracks
15.Broken Marriage (Alternate)0:35
16.The Night Guard (Alternate)0:39
Padre di famiglia
18.The Year 1946 (Main Title)1:49
19.First Encounter2:19
20.Falling in Love-The Wedding1:59
21.Marco´s Frustration1:36
22.The First Baby2:24
23.In the Nursery2:19
24.Romeo the Anarchist0:39
25.Lovers at Night1:32
26.Paola´s Pregnancy1:47
27.The Grandfather Dies1:32
29.Marital Crisis1:17
30.Marco Gets Home Again2:40
31.Marco and Paola (Reflections)3:26
32.Plans for the Future-Paola in the Hospital1:58
Bonus Track
34.Padre di famiglia suite6:39
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