His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

Cortunes 13/07/2018 Téléchargement
Documentaire Sortie du film: 2009


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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Title1:12
2.Jason Can't Be Killed1:06
3.Rodent Box1:38
4.Screaming Eagle2:02
5.Pass the Blow1:50
6.Hot Commodity2:32
7.Living Through the 80s Is Hard2:48
8.Is This a Joke1:38
9.Camp Crystal Lake2:06
10.Black Market Mission1:43
11.80s Fever2:23
12.Drive Me Mad1:58
13.Crystal Lake Memories1:22
14.Get Out2:08
15.Sacrifice in the Woods1:40
16.Strip or Smoke1:55
18.Jason in Outer Space1:54
19.Going with the Times3:12
20.End Times1:16
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