Rumble 4
Music for Media

D'Art Records 21/06/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Amazone Fun1:38
4.Choir Churchy Long2:55
5.Chopin Romantic Piano1:44
6.Cinematic Drive3:49
7.Cy Rooder1:27
8.Dance in the Lab2:38
9.DnB Lounge1:52
10.Do You Know Where He Is1:12
11.Doo Wap3:52
12.Dramatic Film Piano Strings1:56
13.Dramatic Strings and Piano1:02
14.Drone Serious10:20
15.Droney Poney7:05
16.Duel Inloop Rhythm5:00
17.Duel Underscore Drone8:17
18.FU HighWay14:01
19.Ghandi Lounge3:37
20.Hectic and Manic1:57
21.Hectic Shizzle8:58
22.Hollywood Action1:26
23.It Will Stay, Pt. 11:47
24.It Will Stay, Pt. 22:05
25.Jacko Wacko2:04
26.Jungle Dance Fever (No Sound Fx)24:40
27.Jungle Dance Fever24:33
28.La La Lounge6:30
29.Let Me Introduce6:09
30.Let Me Present You0:44
31.Like a Train1:59
33.Lounge One6:07
34.Lounge Two12:05
35.Loungy Trumpet11:04
36.Mad and Weird0:53
37.Massive Active1:58
38.Midtempo Urban Loop1:15
39.MTV HardRock1:24
40.Mysterious Underwater Vibe1:26
41.Old Country1:15
42.Pulsy Drone3:55
43.Pulsy Synthy and Percussion4:13
44.QuizDrone Not Much Movement7:05
46.Relaxed Avenue14:02
47.Relaxed HighWay10:18
49.Simple Long Tones1:20
50.Tension Pads2:26
51.The Reversed Gentleman (No Bass No Accordeon)1:39
52.Ti Yesto Dance4:54
53.Toch Wel Beetje Spannend2:02
54.Trainspotting Filmic (Without Theme)2:08
55.Trainspotting Filmic3:36
56.Under the Surface3:58
57.Up in the Air (More Rhythm)9:50
58.Up in the Air9:40
60.Wagon Landelijk1:16
61.Wagon Latin0:56
62.Wagon Lovely Bells1:04
63.Wagon Pastorale (Short Version)0:46
64.Wagon Pastorale1:30
65.Wagon Pizzicato0:45
66.Wagon Polka0:50
67.Wagon Relaxed Dobro1:02
68.Wagon Simple Dobro0:42
69.Wagon Strange0:57
70.Your Daddy Is Rich1:13
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