Wizard Of Oz

Reel to Reel 18/05/2018 Vinyle - 1000 copies (536408201829)


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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.Main Title1:58
2.Over The Rainbow2:44
4.Come Out, Come Out0:43
5.It Really Was No Miracle0:59
6.We Thank You Very Sweetly0:20
7.Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead0:47
8.As Mayor Of Munchkin City0:32
9.As Coroner, I Must Aver0:31
10.Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead0:46
11.The Lullaby League0:23
12.The Lollipop Guild0:24
13.We Welcome You To Munchinland0:41
14.Follow The Yellow Brick Road0:50
# Track   Duration
Side B
1.If I Only Had A Brain3:44
2.We're Off To See The Wizard (Duo)0:35
3.If I Only Had A Heart3:12
4.We're Off To See The Wizard (Trio)0:26
5.If I Only Had The Nerve0:41
6.We're Off To See The Wizard (Quartet)0:26
7.Optimistic Voices1:09
8.The Merry Old Land Of Oz1:52
9.If I Were King Of The Forest4:16
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