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# Track   Duration
1.There You'll Be (From "Pearl Harbor") (W 64)3:40
2.Can You Feel the Love (From "The Lion King") (W/C 75/111)5:15
3.Taxi Driver (From "Taxi Driver") (W 77)4:08
4.Hookah Lounge (From "Sex and the City 2") (W 80)3:16
5.Chevaliers de Sangreal (From "Da Vinci Code") (W 81)4:07
6.Where Do I Begin (From "Love Story") (C 99)3:47
7.Divas and Dunes (From "Sex and the City 2") (C 100)2:15
8.My Heart Will Go On (From "Titanic") (C 108)4:40
9.Time of My Life (From "Dirty Dancing") (C 108)4:34
10.Alice's Theme (From "Alice in Wonderland") (T 125)4:32
11.Wedding Plans (From "The Twilight Saga") (T 128)3:20
12.I See You (From "Avatar") (T 136)4:19
13.Now We Are Free (From "Gladiator") (T 138)4:26
14.A Love Before Time (From "Tiger and Dragon") (T 138)3:42
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