Hollywood Eiga Ongaku

King Records 16/05/2018 CD (4988003518646)


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# Track   Duration
1.2001 A Space Odyssey `also Sprach Zarathustra` Opening 
2.The Philadelphia Story Suite 
3.Lawrence Of Arabia -main Title / Lawrence Of Arabia 
4.Prelude (Main Title) / Ben Hur 
5.Main Title / The Great Escape`continuous Suite` 
6.Born Free / Born Free 
8.Main Title / Immigrant / Godfather Part Ii 
9.Murder On The Orient Express 
10.Capricorn One Capricorn One 
11.1941 March 
12.Suite From `twilight Zone` : The Movie 
13.Finale & End Credits / Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom 
14.Home Alone Holday Flight 
16.Apollo 13 
17.Jurassic Park Lost World Main Theme 
18.Jazz Suite 2 Waltz 2 
# Track   Duration
1.Universal Fanfare 
2.Rocky I Suite 
3.Earthquake / Panic Films Suite 
4.Towering Inferno / Panic Films Suite 
6.Superman(Main Title) 
7.Overture / Back To The Future 
8.Frying / E.t. The Extra-terrestrial 
9.Main Title / Star Wars. A New Hope 
10.Cleopatra Cleopatra Enters Rome 
11.Ten Commandments Suite 
12.East Of Eden 
13.Tara`s Theme / Gone With The Wind 
14.Moon River / Breakfast At Tiffany`s 
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