The Grass Harp
Original Cast Recording

Kritzerland 27/04/2018 CD - 500 copies
Musical Sortie du film: 1990


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# Track   Duration
1.Overture ~ Orchestra 
2.Dropsy Cure Weather ~ Barbara Cook, Carol Brice, Russ Thacker 
3.Floozies ~ Russ Thacker 
4.Big Rich ~ Max Showalter 
5.If There’s Love Enough ~ Carol Brice 
6.Yellow Drum ~ Barbara Cook, Carol Brice, Russ Thacker 
7.Marry With Me ~ Carol Brice 
8.Chain Of Love ~ Barbara Cook 
9.This One Day ~ Russ Thacker 
10.The Babylove Miracle Show ~ Karen Morrow, Barbara Cook, Russ Thacker, Carol Brice, and The Company 
11.Indian Blues ~ Carol Brice 
12.What Do I Do Now? ~ Ruth Ford 
13.Reach Out ~ Barbara Cook, Carol Brice, Russ Thacker, Karen Morrow, and The Company 
14.Finale: Yellow Drum ~ The Company 
15.The One and Only Person in the World ~ Max Showalter 
16.I Trust the Wrong People ~ Elaine Stritch 
17.Brazil ~ George Rose So, revel in the kind of Broadway score they simply don’t know how to write anymore 
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