At the End of the Day

Deep Elm 11/05/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.First Day of Class 
2.What's on Your Hands? 
3.Here for Group 
4.I'm Gonna Regret This 
5.Attempted Breakup 
6.He Was My Brother 
7.Not a Date 
9.The Van 
10.Dare You to Sing 
11.Youth Stories 
12.Something's Wrong 
13.Silk Flowers 
14.Birthday Preparations 
17.He's Not Broken 
18.Townhall Meeting 
19.Bruce's Story 
20.Phone Call 
21.When No One Wanted You 
22.Love Chapter 
23.I Need to Tell You a Story 
24.Here for the Auction 
25.Bidding War 
26.I Was Broken 
27.Welcome Home 
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