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# Track   Duration
1.Keep That Letter Safe (Highasakite)3:44
2.Lifjord Theme1:05
3.Kuala Lumpur2:08
4.Buy Her Flowers!1:14
5.Eva won't Sign1:18
6.Long Distance Call1:27
7.Welcome to Lifjord3:19
8.Wreckless Driving1:07
9.Aksel's Forbidden Love1:24
10.Tensions At the Office1:52
11.William Reasons With Eva1:28
12.Mysterious Pictures2:14
13.Bringing Up the Past1:16
14.Aksel Looks Up, Sees Tonje0:40
15.Talk's the Deal With His Boss2:37
16.Åse's Betrayal1:09
17.How Come You Don't Answer?1:27
18.The Digging0:56
19.Helene Confronts Eva0:33
20.Now Is the Time To Decide4:25
21.What If We Buy the Hotel? 10:37
23.What If We Buy the Hotel?1:34
24.She Only Married For the Money2:33
25.Young Love1:01
26.Aksel Cleaning Up Mom's House1:40
27.Who Did It?0:53
28.Close To the End2:57
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