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Bootleg 2012 CD
Film Sortie du film: 1965


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
2.Chateau Fight 
3.Thunderball (Main Title)Tom Jones 
4.Electrocution / The Plan 
5.Searching Lippe's Room 
6.Traction Table / The Prince Of Silence 
7.Turning Up The Heat / Mink Glove 
8.Death Of Derval / Angelos Blackmail (Dialogue) 
9.Gassing The Plane 
10.Death Of Angelo 
11.Recovering The Bombs 
12.Loading Bombs Into Disco Volante 
13.Phase 2 Completed (Dialogue) 
14.Bond Leaves Health Clinic 
15.Death Of Count Lippe 
16.Code Name Thunderball 
17.Bond Meets Domino 
18.Lunch By The Pool 
19.The Casino 
20.Bond & Domino 
21.Searching The Room 
22.Bathroom Intruder 
23.Feeding The Sharks 
24.Bond Below Disco Volante 
25.Hitch Hike (Dialogue) 
26.Fiona's Way Of Driving 
27.Paula's Kidnapped (Dialogue) 
28.Lights Out For Paula 
29.The Shark Pool (Dialogue) 
30.Bond Returns To Hotel 
31.Bond & Fiona (Dialogue) 
32.For King & Country 
33.Street Chase 
34.The Kiss Kiss Club 
35.Death Of Fiona 
36.Finding Vulcan 
37.Examining The Plane 
38.Underwater Ballet 
39.Revelation / Death Of Vargas (Dialogue) 
40.Bond With SPECTRE Frogman 
41.Transporting The Bombs 
42.Bond Indentified 
44.Now You Are Caught (Dialogue) 
45.Leiter To The Rescue 
46.Preparing For Battle 
47.Bond Joins Underwater Battle 
48.Submarine Skirmish 
49.Underwater Myahem 
50.Death Of Largo 
51.End Titles 
# Track   Duration
1.Thunderball (Instrumental) 
2.Gassing The Plane (alternate) 
3.Car Chae (Complete) 
4.Bond Meets Domino (Complete) 
5.Bond Below Disco Volante (Complete) 
6.Bond Joins Underwater Battle (Complete) 
7.Underwater Mayhem (Complete) 
8.End Titles (Original Version) 
9.Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Original Main Titles) 
11.Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Instrumental) 
13.Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Mono) 
14.Thunderball (Rejected Main Song) 
15.Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Original End Titles) 
16.Thunderball (Martin Fry Version) 
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