Tim Burton Soundtrack Highlights
The Spiral Pattern Players

Chapel Music 09/01/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Theme from "Beetlejuice"2:35
2.This is Halloween (from "The Nightmare Before Christmas")3:19
3.Main Theme from "Mars Attacks!"2:30
4.The Grand Finale (from "Edward Scissorhands")3:30
5.Main Theme from "Frankenweenie"2:25
6.The Piano Duet (from "Corpse Bride")3:08
7.Main Theme from "Alice In Wonderland"5:12
8.Ice Dance (from "Edward Scissorhands")1:55
9.What"s This? (from "The Nightmare Before Christmas")3:14
10.The Batman Theme (from "Batman")2:49
11.Dark Shadows (from "Dark Shadows")4:20
12.Main Theme from "Planet of the Apes"3:55
13.End Credits from "Sleepy Hollow"3:15
14.Remains of the Day (from "Corpse Bride")3:35
15.Christmas Eve Montage (from "The Nightmare Before Christmas")4:43
16.Rampant Hunter (from "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter")5:33
17.The Funeral (from "Frankenweenie")2:48
18.Epiphany (from "Sweeney Todd")3:14
19.Main Theme from "Pee Wee"s Big Adventure"3:19
20.New World Coming (from "the "Miss Peregrine"s Home for Peculiar Children" Movie Trailer")3:01
21.Wonka"s Welcome Song (from "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory")1:05
22.Augustus Gloop (from "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory")3:15
23.Titles from "Big Fish"4:43
24.Sabre Dance (from "Pee Wee"s Big Adventure")2:37
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