Star Wars: Future Legends

Universal Music Group 26/07/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
2.The Beginning Of The Age Of Darkness 
3.Moon Of Endor 
4.The Legend Of The Jedi 
5.The Dark System 
6.Cantina Of Darkness 
7.The Red Lightsaber 
8.Reality (feat. Troy Pitt) 
9.Escaping From The Droidekas0:00 
10.The Great Separatist Droid Control Ship 
11.The Corrupt Senate 
13.The Great Battle Of The Battle Droids 
14.Supreme Dignity 
15.The Sinister Of Darth Loudlies 
16.Anger Of General Knoig's The Droid 
17.Killer Droideka / The New Lord Sith / Roth'trep Zernnhig 
18.End Credits 
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