Attack the Block

I Am Shark 30/01/2018 Vinyle
Film Sortie du film: 2011


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# Track   Duration
1.The Block3:06
2.Sam Is Mugged4:13
3.Round Two Bruv2:47
4.It's Raining Gollums1:05
5.Tooling Up2:25
6.Moses Is Arrested5:23
7.Tell Me I'm Dreaming4:36
8.Throat Ripper0:47
11.Just Another Day1:23
12.They Want Moses2:04
13.Actions Have Consequences1:51
14.Eat My Hat3:19
15.They Fell Out Of The Sky1:26
16.I Need To Finish What I Started0:41
17.Turn The Gas Up3:24
18.Moses Vs. The Monsters1:59
19.Moses The Hero1:59
20.The Ends (Basement Jaxx)2:06
21.Get That Snitch (Mikis Michaelides)3:01
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