Age of Empires
Definitive Edition

Microsoft Studios Music 22/08/2017 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Main Theme2:11
2.Campaign Intro3:39
3.Cradle of Civilization (Sick Sate Rittim)2:57
4.Spear Rhythm (Fretless Salsa)2:42
5.Singing Bronze Bowls (Polyrhythmic Pong)2:51
6.Mist Along the Nile (String Attack!)3:12
7.Whirling Dulcimer (Medieval Melody)3:19
8.War Drums in the East (The Old One Sleeps)3:03
9.Temple Bells (Slow and Spacious)2:57
10.Siege of Winter (Wally)2:50
11.Seasons Through the Ages (Rain)3:01
12.I Shall Return (Tango Alpha Bravo)3:12
13.Mountain Temple (Polyester Jammy)3:07
14.Ransom at Ctesiphon (Hyman’s Wrath)3:10
15.Year of the Four Emperors (Slow and Spacious Mix 2)3:01
16.Queen of Palmyra (Mean)3:35
17.Coming of the Huns (Sh’washa)3:11
18.Pyrrhus of Epirus (Crawly)3:26
19.Revolt of Spartacus (Bigelow’s Bungalow)2:52
20.Mission Won (Won)1:15
21.Mission Loss (Loss)2:48
22.Gray Skies (Gray Sky)Semitone Media Group, Todd Masten Vitalis Eirich2:54
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