The Rope & the Gun

T.R.Josset 04/08/2017 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.The Frontier & Train Heist3:30
2.Opening Credits: Round About the Mountain2:37
3.Your Place Amongst the Swine (Magdalena's Theme)1:55
4.Arriving to Redwater3:16
5.Trouble Be a Haunted Preacher (The Preacher's Theme)4:55
6.When I Was a Sinner Seeking Just Like You (Captain Mad-Dog McJude's Theme)2:12
7.The Rope3:29
8.High Noon in Olive Glenn4:22
9.I Prayed Til I Came Through4:29
10.The Gun (Fight Theme)5:39
11.There I'll Take My Stand4:58
12.The Lord Loves a Sinner (End Theme)4:09
13.Round About the Mountain: End Credits3:41
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