The Princess Diaries

Film | Date: 2001 | Type: Téléchargement, CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Titles0:56
2.Queen Clarisse0:53
3.Mia invites Lilly to the Ball1:08
4.The Princess Diaries Waltz2:09
5.Mia's Makeover1:08
6.Princess Lessons0:55
7.A New Mia1:05
8.Mia Flees0:53
9.Sorry, Dad0:32
10.Lana, the Traitor1:01
11.Mia visits the Consulate1:18
12.Scooter Talk0:58
13.I don't want to be a Princess0:37
14.Father Talk1:00
15.The Ball0:37
16.Meeting the Prime Minister1:03
17.A Letter from the King1:16
18.It's a Real Job1:02
19.Mia's Decision2:18
20.Learning to Walk1:42
21.Mia Apologizes0:44
22.Can I Call You Joe?0:58
23.The Kiss1:18
24.Harp Interlude1:24
25.Princess Diaries Medley3:25
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