Better Call Saul: Season 1&2
Original Score From The Television Series 1&2

Music on Vinyl 16/06/2017 Vinyl
Music on Vinyl 09/06/2017 Vinyl - 1000 copies (8719262004221)


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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.Shared Smoke 
2.Ass over Tea Kettle 
3.One Leg Each 
4.Sex Robot Voice 
5.Payphone Dilemma 
6.Billboard Stunt 
7.Chuck's Theme 
# Track   Duration
Side B
1.Elevator Exchange 
2.One Last Grift 
3.Jimmy's Choice 
4.Davis & Main 
5.Pretend I'm Not Here 
7.Magic Hands 
8.Weary Mike 
# Track   Duration
Side C
1.Border Crossing 
2.Watching and Waiting 
3.Reciprocating Saw 
4.Three Moves Ahead 
6.Better Call Saul End Credits 
# Track   Duration
Side D
1.Etched with ''Certified'' replica of Jimmy's Law Degree 
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