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Conan the Destroyer
New Recording of the Complete Film Score

Prometheus Records 13/10/2017 Téléchargement
Prometheus Records (5400211001714)
Film Sortie du film: 1984


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# Track   Duration
1.Drum Prelude/Main Title3:10
2.Net Fight2:23
3.Valeria Remembered1:34
4.Shadizar/Dream Quest4:14
5.Akiro/Cavemen Fight/Elite Guard Riders1:14
6.Town Source Music1:54
7.Zula/Bombaata Fight2:27
8.Bird/The Princess/Boating In3:45
9.Ice Palace3:37
10.Chamber of Mirrors7:15
11.Princess Takes the Jewel/Forest Ride1:28
12.Eating the Elite/Crypt Rocks5:21
13.Door Lift/ Dragon's Head/Conan the Destroyer7:11
14.Cutlery Interruptus/Akiro's Magic3:27
15.Dagoth Ceremony4:41
16.Impaling the Guard/Dagoth's Death1:26
17.Pit Band0:18
18.Farewell Valeria3:13
19.Drum Postlude/End Credits2:44
# Track   Duration
1.Sword and Sorcery: Introduction3:19
2.Sword and Sorcery: Winds of the Woods3:17
3.Sword and Sorcery: Mordor's Four4:41
4.Sword and Sorcery: The Fight3:30
5.Sword and Sorcery: The Dragon/Mordor's Death3:32
6.Sword and Sorcery: The Ending1:20
7.Main Title3:31
8.Akiro/Cavemen Fight0:55
9.Zula/Bombaata Fight2:27
10.Dagoth Ceremony4:41
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