Escape from L.A.

Real Gone Music 02/06/2017 Vinyl (0848064005537)
Film Sortie du film: 1996


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# Track   Duration
1.Escape from New York 
2.History of Los Angeles 
3.Fire Base Seven 
4.Snake Arrives/Deportees 
5.Snake Gets Scratched 
6.Defense Lab 
7.Snake's Flashback 
8.Weapons/Snake's Uniform 
9.Snake's Escort 
10.Submarine Launch 
# Track   Duration
1.Sub Sinks 
2.Mulholland Drive-By 
3.Acid Rain/Tour Guide Sting/Snake Gets Directions 
4.Sunset Boulevard Bazaar 
5.Motorcycle Chase 
7.Push On Through/Snake Takes a Breather 
8.Beverly Hills Surgeon 
9.I Think We're Lost/Taslima 
# Track   Duration
1.The Future Is Right Now/Fun Gun 
2.The Black Box/Target L.A. 
3.The Broadcast/The Coliseum 
4.Decapitation/Game Time/The Game 
5.Escape from Coliseum 
6.Queen Mary/Hang Glider Attack 
7.Helicopter Arrival 
# Track   Duration
1.Texas Switch/Fire Fight 
2.Escape from Happy Kingdom 
3.Crash Landing 
4.Out of Time 
5.Presidential Decree 
6.J.C.'s Blues 
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