A Rob Zombie Film Soundtrack

Universal 14/04/2017 Vinyle - Edition limitée (0602557361858)
Film Sortie du film: 2016


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Side One
1.Call It A DayAl Bowlly & Roy Fox And His Band 
2.They Call Me Doom Head (Spoken Word)Richard Brake 
3.Walk AwayThe James Gang 
4.The Midway Say Sweet Charley (Spoken Word)Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs 
5.That SmellLynyrd Skynyrd 
6.Fixing These Death Traps (Spoken Word)Jeff Daniel Phillips 
7.We Buried Her Beneath The WillowsKitty Wells 
8.You Digging What You See Pops?Sheri Moon Zombie 
9.Walking The Floor Over You (1941 Single Version)Ernest Tubb 
10.Wolfman Jack Halloween ShowWolfman Jack 
11.RV AttackBob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie 
12.We Are Going To PlayMalcolm McDowell 
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Side Two
1.The Game BeginsJohn 5, Rob Zombie, Bob Marlette, Chris Harris 
2.Number 4Pancho Molar 
3.Bathroom HellJohn 5 and Bob Marlette 
4.Count Yourselves LuckyLew Temple and David Ury 
5.Wet KittyJohn 5, Rob Zombie, Bob Marlette, Chris Harris 
6.Hunt These Freaks DownSheri Moon Zombie 
7.Inside The CageJohn 5, Rob Zombie, Bob Marlette, Chris Harris 
8.Sex And DeathTorsten Vorgues and E.G. Daily 
9.Death And Sex FightBob Marlette and Chris Harris and John Five and Rob Zombie 
10.Perfect GameRichard Brake 
11.Moonwheel Zero Gravity WhirlpoolChris Harris 
12.I'm Not CrazyRichard Brake 
13.California Dreamin'The Mamas & The Papas) 
14.The Eyes Of A True ChampionRichard Brake 
15.The Show Must Go OnJohn 5 and Bob Marlette 
16.Another Exciting Year of 31Malcolm McDowell 
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