The Missing(Les Disparues)

Sony Classical (0696999309325)
Sony Classical (4547366015119)
Sony Classical (5099709309328)
Film | Date: 2003 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.New Mexico, 18852:26
2.The Stranger3:51
3.Dawn to Dusk, The Riderless Horse4:22
4.A Dark and Restless Wind3:18
5.The Search Begins2:15
6.Lilly's Fate is in These Hands6:43
7.The Brujo's Storm-A Loss of Innocence8:30
8.Setting the Trap-Staying One Step Ahead3:55
9.A Curse of Ghosts4:43
10.A Rescue is Planned6:18
11.Kayitah's Death-The Soaring Hawk4:24
12.Rescue and Breakout3:23
13.Profound Loss3:22
14.An Insurmountable Hurdle3:45
15.The Long Ride Home16:12
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