The Brothers Solomon

Lakeshore Records 19/08/2016 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2007


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.The Yeah Yeah Yeah SongThe Flaming Lips4:55
2.Mornings ElevenThe Magic Numbers5:31
3.St. Elmo's Fire AcousticJohn Parr5:22
4.Almost ParadiseAnn Wilson & Mike Reno3:31
5.Bull Headed Brother1:28
6.The Negotiator0:40
7.Baby Toss0:11
8.Fire Escape0:36
9.Baby Proof Apartment0:32
10.Lamaze Class0:40
11.To Jeannine's0:23
12.Sofa Talk0:23
14.Dad Flashback0:57
15.Dead Bird & Popcorn0:27
17.Find That Baby0:23
18.First Trimester0:06
20.How Long0:25
21.I'll Tell You Tomorrow0:28
22.Jeannine's Right Behind You0:57
23.John Storms Out0:45
24.Let's Do This0:41
25.My Father's Dying0:42
26.Ode to Fish0:49
27.Of Course0:31
28.Oh My God0:40
30.Racing to Meet Janine0:11
31.Second Trimester0:06
32.Sky Writing4:29
33.Sleeping Bags0:28
34.Tara Flush0:36
35.To the Vid Store0:29
36.You Get a Baby0:19
37.Your New Grandson0:20
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