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Battle in Outer Space
Uchû daisensô

Trunk Records 2011 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Toho Logo / Opening1:59
2.Main Title1:23
3.Bizarre Incident On The Tokaido Railway1:00
4.Professor Ahmed1:58
5.Starry Sky1:55
7.The Magnificence Of The Base1:31
8.The Heat Ray Gun3:44
9.Lunar Landing1:21
10.The Lunar Surface2:33
11.The Exploration Vehicle Starts Moving2:36
12.Iwamura And The SPIP1:06
14.The Cave1:15
15.The Natalians1:24
16.Return Of The SPIP2:07
17.News Spreads Worldwide0:38
18.Battle In Outer Space4:16
19.Wrath Of The Freeze Gun2:19
20.Destroy The Giant Mother Ship1:06
21.No Trace Of The Enemy0:59
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