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Friday The 13th: Part 6 Jason Lives

Film | Date: 1986 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.A Stormy NightHarry Manfredini1:26
2.Graveyard Stroll1:18
3.I gotta be sure1:06
4.Bad Memories2:25
5.Jason Lives2:50
7.At The Sheriff's0:22
8.Take a nap, Junior0:14
9.Roadblock From Hell2:52
10.Covering Jason's Grave0:39
12.Burt's Demise0:56
13.Paintball Deaths2:30
14.Illegal Left Turn1:17
15.Graveyard Arrest1:07
16.Bloody Machete0:08
17.You Are Now Leaving Forest Green0:12
18.Moonlight Murders1:31
19.Slumbering Camp0:34
20.Camp Blood Card Game1:02
21.A Scream In The Night1:15
22.Cort & A Cord1:53
23.Jason Atop The RV1:04
24.Reading, Stalking & Balancing1:02
25.Jason Returns Home1:37
26.Happy Friday The 13th0:40
27.Sissy's Demise0:50
28.A Monster In The Window0:32
29.Bloody Machete Reprise0:44
30.Watcher In The Dark0:08
32.Stalking Paula2:43
33.Slaying Paula0:19
34.Tommy Heads For Crystal Lake1:35
35.A Monster In The Cabin1:31
36.The Police Arrive0:49
37.Dart To The Head1:02
38.Garris Checks The Children0:31
39.There's A Scary Man1:00
40.Crushed Skull0:18
41.Garris Confronts Jason3:43
42.Body In A Boat1:06
43.Megan Gets Hysterical1:04
44.Snapped In Half0:46
45.Jason Attacks Megan1:28
46.Jason Follows Tommy2:27
47.Jason Takes Tommy Under1:15
48.Megan To The Rescue2:01
49.Mouth To Mouth0:21
50.Incidental Music 10:44
51.Incidental Music 21:10
52.Incidental Music 30:17
53.Incidental Music 41:40
54.Incidental Music 50:39
55.He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)3:48
57.Teenage Frankenstein3:32
58.Hard Rock Summer2:31
59.He's Back (DEMO)3:20
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