1918: a House Divided

CD Baby 24/03/2009 CD (0700261252032)
Make Haste! Records 24/03/2009 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Shake the Tambourine2:01
2.Glass of Tea1:40
3.The Yanks Will Win0:50
4.She Plays Piano2:17
5.King George and Kaiser Willie2:01
6.Nude Descending1:16
7.Shake the Tambourine (Reprise)1:24
8.Springtime in New York3:00
9.This Isn't What I Dreamed Of3:07
10.The Premiere2:26
11.Parlez Vous1:45
12.Boun Giorno2:11
13.Shake the Tambourine (Reprise)1:37
14.The Drag Ball At Webster Hall2:19
15.Rescue Me1:36
16.The Last to Die4:18
17.Someday, When He's Grown2:26
18.This Isn't What I Dreamed of (Reprise)1:51
20.Shake the Tambourine (Reprise)1:43
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