The Conjuring 2

WaterTower Music 03/06/2016 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2016


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# Track   Duration
1.Enfield Opening0:45
2.As Close to Hell3:31
3.The Conjuring 20:45
4.It Isn't Real0:44
5.Tented Entity2:18
6.Asserted Presence2:31
7.Jarred Awake3:20
8.House Search1:16
9.Nun Painting2:41
10.Old Man Bill1:02
11.From the Grave3:57
12.Crooked Moving1:28
13.Taped Voices1:01
14.Cross Room0:58
15.Psychic Sharing3:26
16.Not a Heaven Man3:33
17.Ceiling Teleportation1:39
18.Submerged Entity1:45
19.Changes Everything1:18
20.Help It Let Go1:49
21.Dual Levitation0:52
22.Souls Cast Out2:00
23.Trapped Apart2:23
24.What's Your Name1:11
25.Book Inscribed0:50
26.Crooked Face0:29
27.Demon Clled2:11
28.She's Alive0:59
29.Crooked Man Rhyme0:52
30.Soaring Phenomena1:52
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