Uncommon Valor

Film | Date: 2010 | Sortie du film: 1983 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 3000 copies


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Vietnamese Solo / Main Title7:19
4.A Lot Of Us Have Been Killed1:21
5.Steal The Sucker1:38
6.First Trek / Yellow Rain2:39
7.Pan Over Hill / Wilkes In Tunnel7:30
8.Attack Airbase3:09
9.Escape Airbase3:16
10.Choppers Over Hill2:48
11.Final Escape2:16
12.End Credits (Not Used In Film)3:38
Bonus Tracks
13.Brothers In The Night (End Title Song)Ray Kennedy4:39
14.Main Title (Extension)2:25
15.Parade Ground (Not Used In Film)3:54
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At last! Powerhouse early James Horner score for rousing Ted Kotcheff back-to-Vietnam hit with Gene Hackman, Patrick Swayze, Fred Ward. Horner scored action pic during incredible composing period of STAR TREK II, 48 HRS., BRAINSTORM, KRULL, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, TESTAMENT, other masterpieces. Kotcheff, hot off success of FIRST BLOOD, deals again with Vietnam vets in action, has composer create music both deeply moving, pulsating with action. Horner starts his signature military-style scoring method here, replete with stirring Americana trumpet solos over strings. Haunting device later graces APOLLO 13, GLORY, IN COUNTRY, COURAGE UNDER FIRE, many others. Action fans will get their fill with dynamic cues for tunnel sequence, helicopter assault, final battle & rescue scenes. Intrada presents complete score from mint condition 1/2' three-track stereo session masters stored in Paramount vaults, including all Vietnamese ensemble overlays used for powerful opening battle, subsequent POW search sequences. Extras include original song 'Brothers In The Night', used for film end credits plus orchestral end title by Horner not used in finished film! James Horner conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 3000 copies!
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