The Black Spider

Kronos Records (744271975451)
Film | Date de sortie: 28/01/2016 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 300 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Spider Introduction0:18
2.Spins of Destiny0:55
3.Spins of Destiny (Alternative Version)0:56
4.Black Spider3:35
5.Black Spider (Alternative Version 1)3:35
6.Black Spider (Alternative Version 2)3:11
7.Black Spider (Electric Piano)1:14
8.Black Spider (Short)0:52
9.Black Spider (Reprise)3:00
10.Love Rendez-Vous2:03
11.Love Rendez-Vous (Short)0:36
12.Spiders from the East3:21
13.Models in Love3:25
14.Before the Catwalk0:27
15.After the Defilee3:17
17.Sun Driver1:01
20.Framed (Alternative Version)0:19
22.Fringed (Alternative Version)0:30
24.Spinning the Web5:41
25.Spinning the Web (Alternative Version 1)3:59
26.Spinning the Web (Alternative Version 2)3:08
28.Followed (Alternative Version 1)2:57
29.Followed (Alternative Version 2)2:56
30.Fashion Lovers2:58
31.Fashion Lovers (Alternative Version 1)1:47
32.Fashion Lovers (Alternative Version 2)1:21
33.Fashion Lovers (Short)1:29
34.Fashion Lovers (Strings)0:32
35.Spider Epilogue0:52
36.Spider Fxs1:17
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Kronos Records is once again proud to present another cd by Italian Maestro Stelvio Cipriani, composer of War Devils, The Bounty Killer, The Anonymous Venetian, Blindman, Death Walks on High Heels, Baron Blood, Rabid Dogs, Suor Emanuelle, Voices from Beyond and many more. This time is the turn of THE BLACK SPIDER. Previously available only as digital download The Black Spider is now available also as a limited edition CD.

The CD is strictly limited to 300 Copies and will make a great addition to your collection!
Maestro Cpiriani fans cannot miss this!

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