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The Last Boy Scout (Le Dernier Samaritain)

Film | Date: 2001 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.The Opening0:24
2.The Phone Call And The Game0:54
3.Billy Cole's Last Play4:57
4.Morning Reflections1:39
5.No More Pride1:06
6.The Billboard1:27
7.Jimmy & Corey1:17
8.Outside The Club2:17
9.Alley Fight & Corey's Hit2:56
10.The Police Station1:42
11.Hotel Room Flashback0:37
12.To Corey's Place2:24
13.The Photo1:01
14.Drugs & Autographs2:17
15.C4 & The Hitmen3:43
16.Corey's Birthday Present0:35
18.Alex The Accountant2:06
19.Nancy Drew & The Quarterback3:20
20.Jimmy Dropped1:20
21.Good Morning Joseph1:06
22.Nearest Bad Guy1:11
23.The Frame Up1:39
24.Puppet Rescue1:52
25.Race To The Coliseum4:10
26.To Marcone's Office1:28
27.Key Bluff1:11
29.Dancing Detective1:02
30.Apologies, Insults & Briefcases3:15
31.Moody River - Sung By Pat Boone2:26
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