The Innocents Abroad and other Mark Twain films

Naxos (747313020072)
Film | Date: 2008 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
Score From Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1.Opening Music: St. Petersburg1:20
2.Good Time by the River1:12
3.Escape from Pap's Cabin2:16
4.Starting Downstream2:23
5.The Raftsmen2:33
6.Arrival of Royalty1:05
7.The Buggy Ride1:58
8.Rescuing Jim1:32
9.Closing Scene2:13
10.End Credit Music1:50
11.Theme From Pudd'nhead Wilson: Roxy's Final Walk2:16
Score From Life on the Mississippi
12.A Pilot on the Mississippi1:45
13.The Romance of the River2:09
14.Courtship of Emmeline2:05
15.Disaster at Night2:34
16.The Majestic Mississippi2:23
From Innocents Abroad
17.Mark Twain's Theme0:39
18.Paris: The Can - Can3:32
19.Gondolas in Venice1:19
20.Genoa: The Bathtub Rag2:59
22.Welcome to Naples0:57
23.The Greek Chase1:37
24.Egyptian Caravan0:52
25.Closing Credits2:14
Score From The Private History of a Campaign That Failed
26.Girls Along the Road1:49
27.The Games of War/Lorena3:01
28.Learning to Ride1:17
29.Title Music1:30
Score From The Mysterious Stranger
30.River Scene and Main Titles3:02
31.44 in Fancy Dress0:51
32.Fight of the Duplicates0:39
33.The Burial of 442:48
34.Love Scene2:22
35.Closing Music5:21
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